PowerAttack MTC30CC-Cordless 30 Tonne

Powered by a 24V Synchronous motor with 1 KW Power Output, smooth variable speed control from 0-20m / min and operation with forward-backward function and Emergency – Stop.
Compact Length of 1650mm / 65in, 2 stage telescoping each 250mm / 10 in, to a total of 2150mm / 85 in, weight 75kg / 165lbs.

One (1) Charger unit and 2 Battery Packs are included Batteries are the latest Lithium-Polymer technology no memory effect.

Battery life operating in a typical normal working environment pushing 10t – 20t not continuous, can be up to 8 hrs or even more.
Switched on continuously, (NO STOPPING or RE-STARTING) and under torturous, hard, tough conditions up to 1.5 hrs life.
Charge time per battery 4 hrs.

PowerAttack MANUAL
PowerAttack BROCURES

PowerAttack MTC25C-110/240 V 25 Tonne

With 2 electrically controlled variable speeds from 0 – 5m /min or 0 – 20 m / min in forward-backward action, with 240V or 110V drive motor available.
Compact length of 1650mm / 65 in, 2 stage telescoping each 250mm / 10 in to a total of 2150mm / 85 in
weight 50 kg / 110 lbs.

All PowerAttacks come with a 2 wheel aux trolley for easy transport to the site. Once PowerAttack is hooked up this”Landing Gear” folds under the main tube while working – held by magnet.