ET-MBE Wheelbarrow

No more relying on the strength of your arms alone for moving heavy loads. No more noise, polluting fumes and the need to buy fuel for motorised wheelbarrows.
ET-MBE is not just ​a ​comfortable, environmentally friendly and silent machine​, it is also a true tool carrier;
with its exclusive MRM tray and accessories, it will help you in a large variety of jobs throughout the year : cleaning, landscaping, snow removal, transport of liquids, work platform etc.


The ​#ET-​MBE wheelbarrow does not emit any pollutants or smells for the operator unlike non-electric motorised wheelbarrows. Thus, it helps protect the environment .

The ET-MBE works and moves in complete silence. It does not create any noise problems for users or the surroundings.

The hourly cost of use of an MBE wheelbarrow is approximately 4 cents depending on its use.

ET-MBE allows the transport of bulky products a​nd can provide a​working surface at a suitable height. The ​tray emptying function is achieved by a central lever, with unlocking and assistance.

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  • Capacity: 250 kg or 180 L (400L with the boards)​
  • Optional Water tank, capacity: 85 L of water or liquid​.
  • A spray hose can be connected to it.​
  • Power: 1700 W engine​
  • Its autonomy varies between a day or two of work depending on the conditions.​
  • Charging time 4 to 5 hours​
  • 2 driving wheels with an agricultural profile for high flotation over soft ground​​
  • To suit most applications: eg: building and landscaping sites, breeding farms, transport activities, snow clearing, green space maintenance, vegetable farming, plant nurseries etc.​
  • Also Suitable for Vineyards and Farms with Organic Certification​