DEC Modena – TRP4

The TRP4 is a compact Stand-On Tractor, designed to tow trailers up to 4000 kg and particularly suitable for working in confined spaces.

The small turning radius of the steering and a progressive automatic speed reduction when turning ensures maximum maneuverability and stability at any speed.

The ergonomics of the driving position provides the operator with exceptional comfort and control, even during long shifts.

The operator compartment is spacious and the steering “Joystick”, controls the power steering groups, and all the major controls are operable with both hands.

The mat platform is anti-slip and for all its amplitude, acts as a “micro presence of man” and any operator, by adjusting the backrest,
will find their ideal driving position.

The optional rear external “Inching” buttons control forward, backward and slow movement and facilitates the operations of coupling and uncoupling of trailers.

The optional remote semi- automatic device, allows the operator to engage / disengage the trailer without leaving the platform.

Unique in its kind, this machine allows the extraction of of the battery both laterally as well as vertically .

  • FRAME: welded sheet steel forms a supporting structure that holds it structurally rigid and extremely resistant to flex.
  • STEERING AND TRACTION GROUP: The traction unit and the electric steering are grouped in a unique structure, both with high power and AC technology that ensures optimum performance and great safety. The Traction motor is mounted on the electric brake which works as a parking brake.
  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: The AC inverter controls the performance of the traction engine and another inverter, that of AC also monitors the performance of the steering engine coupled to a clutch device. Both systems are programmable from the console in order to obtain optimal performance of the work to be done.
  • BRAKES: The brake arrives while releasing the selector’s throttle of the steering wheel as well while reversing the direction.
  • Another brake system, the electromagnetic proportional, is mounted on the rear wheels. In case of necessity, such system stops the vehicle in a very confined space.
  • EQUIPMENT: Full automotive type includes a switch Hare / Tortoise (Optional), horn, light switch and a Meter for the state of the battery charge, the hours worked and Possible faults.
  • POWER: One battery 24V 480Ah (C5) ensures a great autonomy, given the considerable capacity, it is not normally stressed with a consequent excellent durability of time.