DEC Modena – TR2

This Small electric drive tractor is suitable for towing or pushing wheeled loads of up to 1500 Kg. This type of vehicle has multiple applications in various sectors: dockyard use for towing boats, tourism for campers, hospital use for food trolleys or hospital beds, paper mills for paper rolls and plastic and many other uses.
  • Manufactured in steel sheet metal and electrically arc welded, forming a rigid bearer structure.
  • Axle with differential, crossed from a 0.6AC Kw motor.
  • Boxed rudder steering commands with controls for gear and speed selection, ignition key, battery charger signal.
  • Made up of an AC electronic control which allows maximum control over the movements and electronic braking. Automatic electrical parking brake.
  • Wheels: Super elastic anti-stain.
  • Four hours of continuous operation; high frequency onboard battery charger is available.
  • The machine is in complete conformance with the standards in force with regards to components, performance and stability.
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