DEC Modena – BULL 8

  • In steel plate, arc welded , form a rigid load bearing structure. The particular structure permit a perfect access to ali the components. In the mode) Bull 6 the anterior wheel is supported by a rotating support to the frame by a big thrust block bearing. In the Bull 8 mode) the amortized suspension is made by steel welded plate with hubs , bushes, sizeable dimensions axles.
  • Traction unit, Made of expressly studied differential to obtain reliability and silence. Moved by a motor of high performance and Iength. The motor, A.C. type, is provided with an encoder and a thermal valve that are in contact with the electronic control system. Rear axle is connected to the frame through rods and the chassis rests on the axle through rubbers bumpers.
  • Drive piace, It is created to give an excellent comfort is provided with a suspended chairwith belts. The desk board have a work hour meter, the battery charge indicator and possible faults. The equipment is completed with a control direction lever, start key, Iight switch, hom bottom.
  • Steering, For the model Bull 6 is mechanical with pinion and crown gear, light and precise steering. For the model Bull 8 is power steering: an hydraulic group move a jack under the control of a steering unit. In both the models the U-tum is made in very narrow aisles.
  • Electric system, Principally provided with electronic A.C. control that together with a special motor grants to the tractor power at ali speeds, good maximum speed, movements control, descend speed control, braking energy recovery, counter current.
  • Braking system, Composed by hydraulic drum brakes grants perfect braking and reliability in every conditions. Twin hydraulic circuit, only on the rear axle for Bull 6 and on the two axle for Bull 8. Mechanical service brake by lever.
  • Wheels, Super elastic 4.00-8 assembled on screwed rims.
  • The tractor is provided with a large 48 V battery that grant a big autonomy; the lateral battery extraction permit an excellent service and a fast replacement.
  • The tractors complies with actual prevention rules with regards to components, performances and stability.





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