DEC Modena – BULL 6n

Last generation electric tow tractor, combining excellent performance with modern aesthetic and innovative materials.
The chassis, perimeter load-bearing, protect the machine from bumps, leaving the part of roto-molded only for ergonomi function and containment.
Unique in its kind, this machine allows the vertically and laterally extraction of the battery.
The compactness of the machine, simple controls, performance make this machine suitable for indoor and for outdoor use.
In case of external use can be provided with closed or open cabin, for which is the housing already arranged.
The cabin can be equipped with various options.

  • FRAME: thick sheet creates a self-supporting box structure.
  • SUSPENSION-WHEELS: the rear transmission axis and the front steering-wheel support the machine in an elastic way through the interposition of rubber springs. The wheels are of black or non-marking solid tires.
  • TRANSMISSION: a differential with a direct flanged asynchronous motor moves the machine. The asynchronous motor incorporates an electric brake which works as a parking brake.
  • It’s also equipped with encoder interfaced with the electronic control allows the system to adjust the speed of the engine to ensure that the speed of the tractor corresponds to the speed required by the driver in all conditions of use.
  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: an AC chopper controls the performance of the AC motor. All the chopper system / engine / brake are programmable through a console in order to obtain optimal performance for the specific work to be done.
  • BRAKING SYSTEM: a pump driven through pedal by the driver , controls through two circuits the hydraulic brake drum front and the two rears. The system gets to work the electric motor also as a brake when the accelerator is released; in this case the braking is regenerative.
  • EQUIPMENT: Full automotive type includes a tool for battery charging status, working-hours, any failure, hare / tortoise, horn, light switch, switch arrows.
  • POWER: A battery 48 V 375 A. ensure the tractor a great autonomy and given the large capacity is not normally stressed, here a great durability.
  • SAFETY DEVICES: seat-presence micro-switch, on request maxspeed switch, fast battery disconnect switch, security retention of battery , dual-circuit brake system, AC system for speed control, automatic parking brake.
    Compliance with regulations and CE certification.