DEC Modena – BULL 1P-2P-4P w Cabin


  • Cabin with glass/metal doors
  • Openable windows – inside outside mirror
  • Windscreen wiper – rotating beacon sound proof
  • Available for BULL 6 and BULL 8
  • Chassis: Fabricated in Tubular steel, arc welded the Chassis forms a rigid load bearing structure. Designed for easy access to all components.
  • Traction Unit: Manufactured by Industry leader Benevelli for Reliability, Silent operation and high performance Powered by a High output Electric motor that is re-energised during operation. Service brakes on both rear wheels are applied by a pedal…Parking brake is mechanically applied by a lever.
  • Drivers Position: An adjustable position Drivers seat designed for comfort allows the operator to achieve a comfortable environment. The visible dashboard contains an Hour Meter as well as a Battery discharge indicator. Fitted with a start key (2 keys), Light switch and indicator lever…Front and rear twin lights are fitted for maximum vision in dark conditions.
  • Steering: Fitted with a steering wheel and fast turn handle, the geared, low effort steering allows U turns in very small aisles.
  • Wheels: The Puncture Proof, Pluryply Tyres and wheels are of large diameter to handle rougher floors and surfaces. Options are Non-Marking tyres for clean areas as well as Superelastic Tyres that give long life and traction with a more elastic tread.
  • Electric System: The Fail safe electronics feature highly reliable circuits and wiring.,..This allows precision movements. An optional remote control “Inching” feature allows easier hitching positions when attaching trailers. In any case of failure, the electronic control inhibits movement.
  • Safety Devices: The Design complies with accident prevention specification rules with regard to components, performance and stability
  • Warranty: We offer an Industry leading parts and labour full warranty of 2 years on the machine and 1 year warranty on the batteries…
  • Batteries.: The standard Pz Batteries have an estimated service life of 4 years when maintained and charged in accordance with the manual. An optional watering fill kit is available for time saving during regular use.
  • Options: A full range of options are available… As well, Conditional road registration allows for location specific use.


Bull6-8 Cabin_Dimensions