DanMatech – Contractor Electrical

We are now introducing a completely new electric Contractor

The Contractor with electric motor is completely unique compared with the other models of electrically-powered mini dumpers currently available on the market. We have achieved our objective of ensuring our new electric model is the best on the market, boasting the lowest net weight, longest operating time, highest safety and the best ergonomics – even when driving on rough ground!

The electric model has a load capacity of 800 kg with Tip Function and a width of 830 mm. It has an operating time of 5-6 hours a day.

Technical Data:
Battery: Trojan Battery TE35 4 x 6 volt
Ampere at 5 hours: 200 Ah
Ampere at 20 hours: 245 Ah
Size: 244 x 191 x 276 mm
Speed: 0-6 km/h forward/reverse
Dump: Hydraulic
Dump load in litre: 280 L
Dump load in kg: 800 kg
Net weight: 375 kg
Wheel size: Drive wheel, 18×7-8, 6 ply. Turning wheel, 140-6, 6 ply
Mashine dimensions: W=800/903 L=2137 H=896
Battery indicator: LED display
Dump material: 3 mm Domes 700 hith strength steel
Operating time: 5 hours
Standard Features:
  • Cross-country vehicle with larger diameter and extra wide tyres
  • Steering gear – steering of the maschine without physical strengths
  • Parking brake