WR 900 Charger

Solves difficult tasks

The strong batterie operated machine with 12V 63Ah batterie for professional areas. The radial sweeper is perfect for corners and uneven territories and sweeps much and wet material and dirt too. A charger with overload protection is within. The brush of WR 900 Charger is 6cm higher than the brush of MAR 800 Charger, so you can sweep more material.

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Motor: 12-Volt DC motor
Turning direction: Right/Left
Brush: Polypropylene brush with central high adjustment
Working width: 870 mm
Weight: approx. 60kg
Field of application: Driveways, barns, walkways, industrial and commercial areas and for sweeping snow
Accessory: Cleanbag, windrow maker

ACCESSORIES for Radial Sweeper WR 900 Charger

Windrow maker 800/900er
Suitable for MAR 800, MBR 800 and WR 900 series. The windrow maker will be fixed at the side of machine and can be lift up.
Cleanbag 800/900er
Suitable for MAR 800, MBR 800 and the WR 900 series. The cleanbag will be fixed at the side of basic machine and will collect the dirt. Capacity 45 Liter.


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