Trough washers for CM2

Hydraulically pivoting, incl. high-pressure water and foam jets

  • Facilitates the cleaning of feeding and drinking troughs in chicken sheds
  • The height can be optimally set and adapted using the hydraulic cylinder
  • Includes water and foam jets

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Trough washers reduce workload

Before livestock can be kept indoors in chicken facilities, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the equipment. Trough cleaning in particular costs both resources and nerves – differences in height, uneven ground and inaccessible corners make the cleaning process laborious.
Help is at hand with the trough washer from Spacepac Westermann: The innovative cleaning system as extension module for the Cleanmeleon 2 multifunctional system enables a thorough and at the same time simple treatment of the feeding systems.

Four staggered high pressure jets in total clean the troughs from different directions simultaneously – this ensures that they are clean all round in just one work cycle. One simple step now replaces the work that used to take several workers and a great deal of time. The differing suspension heights in the trough are no longer a problem; the hydraulic height setting ensures the flexibility to reach all troughs. The trough cleaner can be combined with the company-owned high pressure cleaner using an adapter.

The trough cleaner was designed as an extension module for the multifunctional system Cleanmeleon 2 that has been an established product for 10 years. Diverse extension modules and additional elements make it a multifaceted all-round cleaning system. New developments continuously supplement the Cleanmeleon 2 – the trough cleaner represents another innovative extension system.

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