SPACEPAC TRANSLIFT, TL-250 AC, Mobile Order Picker

TL 250 is developed for driving in places with little space.
Designed for fast and efficient order picking or for moving supplies or mail – wherever a steady and maneuverable vehicle is needed.

TL 250 is 3-wheeled and comparable to larger vehicles it has a great tractive effort.
The very low height above the floor makes it comfortable when working.

Standard models or “custom-made” to suit requirements.

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<2>Specifications TL-250 AC, Mobile Order Picker

  • Engine: 24V DC, 1,2 Kw AC
  • Continuously variable transmission.
  • Electric “dead man’s” handle.
  • Batteries: 24V, 110ahp/5h or as desired, e.g. sealed and maintenance-free truck batteries (gel technology).
  • Wheels: 400×6 6pr gas rubber wheels (300 mm diameter), alternatively semi massive, puncture-free Gumasol wheels.
  • Transmission: Maintenance-free speed reducing gearbox.
  • Maintenance-free differential.
  • Drives and brakes on both rear wheels.
  • Noiseless driving.
  • Speed: up to 18 km/h

<2>Dimensions TL-250 AC, Mobile Order Picker

  • Platform: length: 1200 mm. width: 800 mm
  • Total length: 1900 mm or as desired.
  • Loading capacity: 600 kg.


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