Shovel blade 80 – 160 for CM2

Working breadth from 80cm to 160 cm adjustable using perforated strip, with a rubber strip

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Working width: 80cm – 160 cm
Chassis: zinc coated
Rubber bar: flexible, with fabric lining
Extension: Attachment bracket

Multi versatile: Shovel blade 80-160 by Spacepac Westermann

Barn cleaners are designed for cleaning large surface areas and are equipped with generous shovel blades. In narrower operating areas however they are pushed beyond their limits. Help is at hand with a product from the Westermann range: The flexible shovel blade 80-160 fits into every barn.

Whether a yard for the inspection of livestock, narrow passages, thoroughfares or corners in the barn – there are a number of places where the classical barn cleaner simply cannot reach.
The shovel blade 80-160 from Westermann is the flexible solution to these challenges: the span width of the shovel is regulated using a perforated strip, the rubber strip can be variably set between a range of 160 cm to a minimum of 80 cm.
The barn cleaner can operate even in the smallest of spaces. Another advantage: If the shovel blade is set at a level less than 1m the V form position of the blade ensures that dirt cannot slide past the blade.

The shovel blade 80-160 was designed as an extension module for the Cleanmeleon 2 multifunctional system. The cleaning system has been an established product for 10 years and undergoes continuous further development with the addition of new modules and elements.


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