PERFEKT 1800 Sweeper

An innovative, minimal dust-generating, fully sealed and versatile sweeping machine – suitable for a diverse range of carrier vehicles.

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The machine is known for being manufactured in such a way as to be completely sealed. The large-size brush roller, 600 mm in diameter, is housed in an impact-resistant, dimensional stable and, most importantly, stainless plastic casing. It is freely suspended in order to be able to adapt to uneven surfaces and the brush discharge is automatic. The sturdy support frame is made of hot-dip galvanized steel.

By folding up the side covers it is possible to sweep right up against walls, rendering expensive side brushes superfluous. The hydraulic tilting of the device is made possible through an in-built cylinder that is delivered as standard.

Follow the link and take a look at sweeping close to the wall:

Workable area: 1800 mm
Brush diameter: 600 mm
Mounting possibilities: rear and / or front mounting possible, mounting onto a range of carrier vehicles possible.
Casing: completely sealed and made of impact resistant, dimensionally stable and stainless plastic, sides that can be folded up to enable sweeping right up to walls
Frame: galvanized, hydraulic swivel, NO side brushes necessary
Brush: balancing system for optimum adaption to surfaces, automatic brush discharge
Wheels: Large and sturdy wheels with greasable swivel head
Dirt collection tray: large, hydraulically drainable tray with wear-resistant skids.

The dirt collection tray is also emptied hydraulically. There are skids attached to the underside of the tray. Large and especially stable wheels with greasable swivel heads ensure perfect control even on uneven ground.

By offering a range of adapter plates the “Perfect 1800” can be attached to various carrier vehicles including rear-, front-loading or front hydraulic versions. Modification is possible within a very short time frame.


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