Optimal 2300 for front attachment

Our agile and flexible sweepter “Optimal 1600” ist also available now for rear attachment!

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This machine has a 520 mm big transport roller which pushes the dirt into the collecting box. That ist supplied as standard and it ist protected by hardwearing plastic skids below and laterally. By lifting up the collecting box free sweeping is possible without dismountign this box. The sweeper can be pivoted to the left and to the right mechanically or by haudraulical cylinders.
Two big and stable tyres with greasable slewing rings and the third guide wheel carry the machine safely over every underground.

After the wear of the brush, it can easily be adjusted in its height by an elongated hole and a lever.
For this attaching sweeper an additional side brush is available.

Working width: 2300 mm
Brush diameter: 520 mm
Dirt collection pan: delth: 36cm
Heavy duty wheels: 3
Motor: Gerotor motor
Max. operating pressure: 180 bar
Output: min. 20 litres/min
Brush speed: 100-200 R/min
Weight: 315 kg
Additional equipment: side brush possible


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