Electric Wheelbarrow ECO24

3 wheels wheelbarrow equipped with electric engine ideal for farming or agricultural. This item is light, compact, easy to dismantle, battery last long. Thanks to its dissembling system it can be easily placed in a normal car trunk.

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Overall chassis width 39cm
Loading surface total length 68 cm
Height 78 cm
Rail 55 cm
Loading surface height 40 cm
Rail 68 cm
Adjustable handlebar
Weight 80 Kg
Carry on weight load 200 Kg
Carry on weight load with 20% gradient 150 Kg
Power supply Dc 24V
Standard battery AGM 40Ah
Battery output display on a board computer
Progressive and graduated drive system
Electric brake
Max prescribed forward speed 5 km/h
Max astern speed 3 km/h
Traction wheels 16.5/6
support wheels/steering wheels 4.10/4

ECO24 Electric Wheelbarrow


  • Snowplow blade
  • 160 L Bin
  • 70l tank with pump
  • Rectangular floorboard 60×80


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