Dozer – Powered Equipment for Livestock Shed

The powerful cleaning machine, this ride-on machine will particularly find its work in poultry houses. Thanks to its 6 all-wheel driven wheels and the optionally achievable circulation chain the Dozer has a perfect floor grip.

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The Dozer not only work in the poultry house, but also in other agriculture fields and livestock management. It is a big helper in the bull shed, cow shed or in the pig shed, etc.
In combination with the snow blower or other attachment machines the dozer is very interesting for municipal cleaning works.

Different attachment machines were designed for the Dozer. The material for the flooring will be spreaded out very cleanly by the spreader for the front attachment.

Later on, when the flooring will be treated down by the animals, the milling machine for the rear attachment will cut through it and perfectly loose it, the material. On the other way the troughs can be cleaned up thoroughly in only one pass with the trough washer for the front attachment during the basic cleaning. So pathogens can be completely destroyed.

Motor: 21,7 kw (29,5 PS), 1260 ccm, 3 cylinder diesel
Hydraulical power: working hydraulic 51 ltr./min; max 180 bar
Lifting power: 500 kg
Steer: hydraulical
Drive: All-wheel (all 6 tyres)
Speed: infinitely variable up to 10 km/h
Tyres: AS tyres 16 x 6.50-8 (6 tyres)
Size: L: 1830 mm, W: 970 mm, H: 1320 mm
Empty weight: 725 kg
Chassis: 6 mm steel,galvanized

Accessory for Dozer: Rolling machine GF 1000/15


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