Cleanmeleon 2 XL – Powerful Diesel Machine

Even more powerful and resilient than it’s little brother – that is how the new Cleanmeleon 2 XL presents itself.
This ride-on machine has almost the same size than the Cleanmeleon 2. It has a water-cooled diesel engine and its operating hours are eight times higher than they are known from the classic CM2. Because of the strong coupling triangle there is a very stable junction between the CM2 XL and the attachment machines.

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This machine is particularly suitable for hard work (sweeping much food or cleaning the lying or running surfaces) in big barns with about 200 cows.
For this works all attaching machines from the CM2 series are available for the Cleanmeleon 2 XL.

Motor: Kubota Z602; 10,3 KW (14 PS), 2 cylinder watercooled
Hydraulical power: 3.200 t/min., 180 bar incl. oilcooler
Drive: all-wheel drive, axial piston pump
Speed: infinitely variable up to 10 km/h
Weight (basic machine): 460 kg (additional weights on demand possible)
Start: incl. automatic glowing
Steering: steering chain, very easy steering
Size: L: 1080 mm, W: 832 mm, H: 1275,5 mm
Chassis: 8 mm zinced
Tyres: AS tyres 18 x 5.50-8


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