Axial brush Perfekt 1050

Axial swivel head sweeper
Pivoting and with a collection pan, hydraulic cylinder for lifting.

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Working width: 105 cm
Brush: 2 halves made of PPN
Dirt collection tray: manually emptied
Excavation: hydraulic
Case: impact plastic
Swing: left / right side panels folded up for wall flush sweeping
  • 105 cm working breadth
  • Aggressive and low-wear fanned brush made from polypropylene (2 halves)
  • With high-grade hydraulic motor
  • Including large collection pan with low-wear plastic runners
  • Lifting process using hydraulic cylinder at the front on contact wheel
  • Sides can be folded upwards for sweeping against a wall
  • Sweeping machine enclosed in impact-resistant plastic to ensure dust-free sweeping

Cleaning team: The Cleanmeleon 2 with Perfekt 1050

Clean surfaces easily: With the Cleanmeleon 2 multifunctional system and the Perfekt 1050 sweeping machine large outdoor areas are quickly cleaned. The robust plastic sweeping system excels with its high versatility and easy handling.

The Perfekt 1050 sweeping machine with a breadth of 105 centimetres is designed for the cleaning of large outdoor areas. The cleaning system adapts to the individual requirements needed at the site of operation. The freely suspended brush withstands potholes; uneven ground poses no problems due to hydraulic height setting. It is even possible to sweep into inaccessible corners and along walls without additional side brushes – the flexible sidewalls are simply folded up and the brushes are set at an angle. Free sweeping no longer poses a problem thanks to the folding collection pan. The robust cover material is highly durable and is resistant even to hard knocks – low-wear plastic runners offer additional protection for the collection pan.

With the Perfekt 1050 the Westermann company has developed another extension module for the established Cleanmeleon 2 multifunctional system. Our technology has convinced users from diverse sectors for 10 years and is continuously supplemented with new additional elements – the Perfekt 1050 sweeper machine offers a new, innovative cleaning system as an addition to the classical range.

Get more information – Cleanmeleon 2 CM2


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