The widest range of battery powered towing and manual handling solutions.We provide non-polluting Battery / Electric Tugs and Pushers that are cost effective towing and pushing solutions using the latest European designed equipment.

A wide range of attachment Hooks and Hitches are available for any application…Products that can Motivate employees and enhance productivity.

Australian manufactured accessories such as Aluminium and Steel trailers for waste bin movement complement the extensive range for any towing and pushing application…from 1000Kg to 20.000Kg towing, Spacepac Electric Euipment Australia has the solution.

All products are provided with 24/7 Support as well as Sales and Service Australia wide.Spare parts are held and service can be provided Australia wide. Most Spacepac equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with current CE regulations.

To Suit : Airport & Airfields, Botanic & Flower, Industries, Hotels, Aged Care, Food & Pharmaceutical Industry, Workshops, Hospitals, Farms, Caravan Parks, Wholesale, Retails and other applications.

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Max Tug

500kg Capacity Forwarded/ Reversed Drive.

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Power Attack

Pullpower: upto 30 Tonne, Frame: Steel, Batteries are the latest Lithium-Polymer technology no memory effect.

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1500kg Towing Capacity, Frame: Steel, Electro deposited & powdercoated,

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Spacepac NL-SM1000N

Battery electric tow tug 1,000Kg with Automatic Gripping

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Alitrak TT600

Alitrak TT600 battery electric tow tug 2,000Kg Capacity.

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Alitrak TT900

Alitrak TT900 battery electric tow tug 3,000Kg Capacity.

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Alitrak TT900 Plus

Alitrak TT900-Plus battery electric tow tug 3,000Kg Capacity.

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Alitrak TT1000

Alitrak TT1000 battery electric tow tug up to 14,000Kg Capacity.

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Alitrak IT-900

Alitrak IT-900 battery electric INDOOR tug up to 3,000Kg Capacity.

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Alitrak IT-1200AC

Alitrak IT-1200AC battery electric INDOOR tug up to 4,500Kg Capacity.

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Alitrak TT-3000P

Alitrak IT-3000P HD battery electric tug up to 35 Tonne Capacity.

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