Loader Accessories

R 1200 / R 1400
Big radial brush (1,20m or 1,40m) with powerful hydraulic motor and possibility for adaption to different loaders and tractors. The turning direction of the brush can be changed to left or to right side….

Mounted as front attachment at the carrying vehicles the spreader spreads out the flooring material loosenly on the animals lying surface (agitator inclusive).

ASS 1200
ASS 1200 – Double rubber lipped scraper 1200mm working width with flexible lips. A side brush for cleaning the beds is possible.

The washer with hydraulic pump, water tank and flexible cleaning stars fits nearly to every kind of loader and tractor. With the three flexible rubber lips the floor will be very dry after first crossing….

Spreader 800
The spreader for Cleanmeleon 2 has two big stering wheels. The material will be spread out with flexible rubbers and can be filled in about hydraulic cilinder. The spreader also is available as a trailer-version….