Multi Tip Bin Tippers

The Multi-Tip bin-tipper is everything a bin tipper should be – safe, economic, easy to use, versatile, and efficient. Perfect for light industrial use to empty bins at schools, factories, recycling centres and more.

Multi Tip Bin Tipper Brochure

Features & Benefits
  • 150kg capacity.
  • The standard cradle is designed for 240 litre MGB wheelie bins. Optional bolt-on spring-loaded catch kits enable 80l, 120l, & 140l bins to be emptied as well.
  • Cradles to suit plastic and steel drums, rectangular bins and many other containers can be simply fitted or exchanged.
  • Available in 2 standard tipping heights – 1200mm and 1600mm.
  • Multi-Tip bin tippers are available with 1-phase, 3-phase, or battery power packs. Battery-powered tippers have a sealed battery and an industrial-quality ‘float’ charger built in.
  • Both hands are needed to operate the machine.
  • Multi-Tip bin-lifters require no regular maintenance, and are robustly built yet light and easy to
    move around.
  • Multi-Tip bin lifters are designed to be safe to use, with all operating components fully enclosed.This also allows the unit to be operated indoors or outdoors.
Options Available:
MT1600 and 1200lr
MT1600 SP
  • Available in partial or full stainless-steel construction.
  • Solar Panel to charge the Battery.
  • Cradles to suit almost any size and shape of bin.

Solar Panel
Multi-Tip tippers are also available with a solar panel to charge the battery. Up to 30 bins per day can be emptied using the power of the sun only. Obviously this depends on the hours of direct sunlight per day, and the weight of the bins.