Spacepac Lehe K1, Electric Folding bike

Introducing the new Spacepac LeHe SMART seat-on Scooter the new foldable transport for you. Focusing on an eco and city-friendly concept with its fold-able and flexible design, the SMART Scooter brings a new experience to the urban commute or sunny afternoon stroll along the beach.
An intelligent bluetooth speaker allows for more enjoyment when riding, while the foldable design lets you easily store it away in your home, office, caravan or vehicle.

Ideal for a rental fleet for hotels, resorts and holiday parks


Colours Available: Black, White, Wine red and Black green.

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Unfold size 1200x615x985 mm
Fold size 1235x536x270 mm
Net weight 18 kg
Loading weight 120 kg
Max. Speed 25 km/h
Endurance milage 35-45 km
Charging time 3-5 H
Battery Capacity 8.8 ah
Nominal voltage 48 V
Rated power 200 w
Motor type Brushless motor
Motor rated Torque 6.6 n.m
Electricity Consumption 0.3 degree per charge
Overcurrent protection 13+-1A
Under-voltage protection 30+-1V
Battery type Lithium
Download Spacepac Lehe K1 e-Bike specifications


k1_a_foldable 1 Second quick fold, portable, easy unfold and go.
k1_c_lightweight Ultra light weight: 18 kg only for the entire bike
k1_e_usb Smart USB power bank, with floating output 5V 1A-2A, automatically fitting the charged device.
k1_g_frame Frame: aviation grade 6061 aluminum alloy
k1_i_smart-gear-control Smart gear control, with 4 levels of gear (1,2,3,4)
k1_k_smart-lcd Smart LCD display, shows the battery power status, bike temperature, speed, mileage, error feedbacks etc.
k1_m_remote-control Remote control with burglar alarm: mini, smart and portable to lock/unlock the LEHE K1. When locked, there is burglar alarm if someone moves the e-bike. keyless entry to the K1
k1_o_cst-brand-tire Tire: Taiwan CST brand e-bike pro tire, inflatable and ultra durable.
k1_q_front-rear-brake Front and rear disc brake system: the most safe brake system, to ensure safe riding.
k1_b_waterproof Water-proof: IPX4, approved by TUV
k1_d_bluetooth Bluetooth stereo speaker, to play the music from your mobile/tablet PC.
k1_f_unique-appearance Global unique appearance with patent, designed in Netherlands, Patents available in USA and China.
k1_h_foldable-handle-bar Foldable handle bar: innovative foldable design, saving space.
k1_j_german-core German core technology brushless gear motor: 6.6 N.M strong torque, environment friendly, low electricity consumption up to 60%.
k1_l_front-led Premium front LED white light: lighting range 10 meters.
k1_n_body Liquid painted e-bike body: resistant​ to scratch​es​, smooth, durable and elegant.
k1_p_front-suspension Front suspension: anti-shock from the front wheel, makes for comfortable riding.
k1_r_lg-battery Imported LG battery, 48V/8.8 Ah, authorised by LG.
Note: You should check with your relevant traffic authority as to where this product is permitted to be used.
Road and traffic laws may differ from region to region.
No Item Warranty Period Descriptions
1 Motor 12 Months it can be changed ​to ​a new one within 12 month​s..​3 month turnover period
2 Battery 12 Months Battery capacity (Original 60%.)
3 Frame 24 Months If there are weld​s, broken ​or​ crack​ed​ causing ​misalignment​, we can change ​to​a new one, but modification and man-made damage are exceptions.
4 Frame of front wheel 12 Months If there are flaws and serious damage, we can change for a new one. But overweight and man-made damage are exceptions.
5 Seat post 6 Months If there are leather ag​e​ing, broken ​or the ​baseboard ​is ​broken, we can change for a new one, not include overweight and man-made damage.
6 Controller; Charger 12 Months If there is ​mal​function problem​s​ and cannot be repaired, we can change for a new one.
7 Headlight front; Alarm 6 Months If there is function problem and cannot be repaired, we can change for a new one.
8 Front Suspension and rear fork 12 Months If there are weld​s, broken ​or​ crack​ed​ causing ​misalignment​, we can change for a new one, but modification and man-made damage are exceptions.
9 Meter 12 Months If there is ​mal​function problem and cannot be repaired, we can change for a new one.


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