MAR 800 Charger SHC

This radial sweeper has a water sprayer inside specially for horse barns. So the user will reduce the dust.

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Product Description

Motor: 12-Volt DC motor
Period of application: 2,5 hours per charge
Charger: Special charger with overload protection
Turning direction: Right/Left
Brush: Polypropylene brush
Special equipment: Water sprayer
Working width: 870 mm
Field of application: Barns, specially horse barns. where dust should not be raised up
Accessory: Cleanbag, windrow maker

ACCESSORIES for Radial Sweeper MAR 800

Windrow maker 800/900er
Suitable for MAR 800, MBR 800 and WR 900 series. The windrow maker will be fixed at the side of machine and can be lift up.
Cleanbag 800/900er
Suitable for MAR 800, MBR 800 and the WR 900 series. The cleanbag will be fixed at the side of basic machine and will collect the dirt. Capacity 45 Liter.


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