Heavy Duty drives on Port Crane


The Borghi Assali new drive wheel with high load capacity, designed and engineered to be used on Ship Loaders, RTG, Special Port Cranes, SPMT, Mobile Belt Conveyors and Mobile Hoppers.

This drive wheel is been produced for a big Italian Group for to equip a very large port machine (435 tons) sold to an Indonesian Company. Obviously this drive wheel is treated especially against the salt corrosion.

Below the data sheet of the drive wheel (customizable on specific requirements). I attach some photos and the technical drawing.

Electric drive wheel PV1022

  • Load capacity 36 tons at 4 km/h
  • Upporting structure in steel
  • Lifting stroke 100 mm
  • Double gearboxes 45.000 Nm
  • Gearboxes ratio 1:163
  • Double traction electric motors 25 Kw 400 V AC
  • Double Electromagnetic Parking Brake 200 Nm 400 V AC
  • Double steering gearboxes 5.000 Nm
  • Double steering electric motors 4 Kw 400 V AC
  • Pneumatic wheels 16.00-25


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