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Electric Bed Mover – EVO MOVER, 500kg Capacity

Product Description

Application for easily moving beds, wheelchairs, trolleys, Laundry equipment and etc.

Negotiating the EVO Mover with a bed/ wheelchair or trolleys around tight corners is as easy as ABC. There is no guesswork required when to start the turn, because the EVO Mover’s Steering point is at the front of the bed or trolleys, which means you start the turn once the first part of the bed has reached the corner or doorway. It is really that simple.

With the EVO Mover, hospital staff are able to move patients safely and easily around hallways, in and out of elevators and up and down ramps with greatly reduced risk of injury or physical strain to themselves.

EVO’s remote control handset ensures that at no time will there be physical torsion strain put onto the operator’s lower back.

Connecting to hospital beds and wheelchairs is also straightforward. Just a push of a button and it engages effortlessly and quietly. So no more noisy clamps walking patients in their sleep.

Variable speed control is also available when driving within a thumbs length. And of course it has a highly accessible safety horn button.

The EVO Mover dramatically reduces the chance of work cover claims and is seen to be a proactive and public way making the workplace safer. After 27 years of experience in designing and manufacturing battery-powered hospital equipment here is Australia, we bring the confidence and assurance of reliability and a worthwhile OH&S investment to your workplace.

The EVOMOVER is suitable for a wide range of trolleys with 4 swivel castors. Saves on changing to rear fixed castors for towing.

General Features

  • NO messy Clamping mechanisms.
  • Simple Switch electric actuator connection.
  • Ability to be moved between jobs without having to drive it (free-wheeling lever) conserving battery life, as well as user fatigue.
  • All electrical components to ISO standard.
  • 1-3 Days depending on usage before charging, which can take 6hrs from flat.
  • Power on/off switch
  • Capacity of 500 kg
  • Down Hill Assist Capabilities.
  • Key can be removed at either on/off.
  • Inoperable when charging.
  • Slow/fast control Knob.
  • Easily adjustable speed dial with Handle mounted and remote control
  • Throttle lever for forward/reverse.
  • Positive drive wheel traction. (Helps eliminate traction difficulties)
  • Easy access charging socket
  • Flashing on/off switch when charging necessary.

Safety Features

  • Automatic Security brake prevents roll-away
  • Controlled starting and stopping.
  • Down hill assist capabilities
  • Variable Speed switch
  • Auto overload protection


  • 12 Month Warranty on the Evo Mover
  • Manufactures warranty on batteries

Operating Instructions

Easy to follow operation and maintenance instructions supplied in hard and soft copy.

Spacepac bed mover (PDF)
Spacepac bed mover instructions (PDF)


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