Bigfoot 48 volt Ambulance, Nurse Seat

This Bigfoot is customized with a deluxe cab, steel half doors, halogen headlights, steel cab, strobe light, and drop-down sides.

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This 48 volt Bigfoot is a custom Ambulance with a nurse’s seat and a convenient storage area to store medical supplies. This vehicle is shown with turf tires, fiberglass top, windshield in steel frame, windshield wiper, directional signals, rear and passenger side split locking doors for storage or tools.

Standard Model
For more information about features and specifications, view the following standard model pages:

Custom Vehicle ID 196195
Load Capacity 3000 lbs.
Tow Capacity 7500 lbs.
People 2-4
This vehicle can be further customized with drop-down rails, smooth steel deck, strobe lights, emergency flashers, and siren.



Speed 12 mph (19.3 km/h)
Range 40 Miles (64 km)
Load Capacity 3,000 lbs (1361 kg)
Tow Capacity 7,500 lbs (3402 kg)
Passengers 2


Weight 1,565 lbs (710 kg.)
Length 130.5″ (3314 mm)
Width 44″ (1117 mm)
Height Less Cab: 51.5″ (1308 mm)
With Cab: 73″ (1854 mm)
Hitch Height
Outside Turning Radius 137″ (3480 mm)
Wheel Base 62″ (1574 mm)
Width: 44″ (1117 mm)
Length: 77″ (1955 mm)
Height: 27.5″ (698 mm)


Frame Construction 12 Gauge, Smooth Skin, Unitized, Fully Welded, Steel
Powertrain Type: Electric
Power:115 VAC, 60 Hz
Transmission: Helical Gear, Oil Bath Transaxle, GT Automotive Differential
Controller: Solid State Self Diagnostic AC Speed Controller
Battery Type: 210 Amp Hour, T605, 8 each, 6 volt
System Voltage:48V
Charger: Built In, 48V, 115 VAC / 60 Hz, 1kW w/ Interlock, 17 Amp SCR
Brakes Rear:>Hydraulic Disc
Parking: Y
Suspension Rear:Multi-Leaf Springs
Front:Multi-Leaf Springs
Steering Rack and Pinion
Tires Rear: 5.7 x 8, Load Range C, Pneumatic
Front:5.7 x 8, Load Range C, Pneumatic


Seats Driver:Black Adjustable Bucket Seat, Driver’s Seat Electrical Interlock
Passenger:Black Adjustable Bucket Seat
Instrumentation Smart View Display, Reverse Buzzer, Forward / Off / Reverse Selector, Key Switch, Light Switch, High / Low Speed Switch, Electric Horn, Emergency Power Cut-off Switch, USB Port, DC/DC Converter


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